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Recently Channel 8 showed segments of a presentation at Hage Elementary School.

As of November of 1998, Sky Hunters has made more than 150 presentations this year. And there are more scheduled for December 1998. On November 22 Sky Hunters celebrated the anniversary of its 2nd year in operation. In two short years, they have made over 300 presentations.

This relatively new non-profit organization has held several on-site tours for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts andCub Scouts. The on-site tours are especially interesting because attendees can see the teepee and the new 70-foot-long Flight Cage. The birds need that room to exercise safely.

School presentations allow for the students to learn about raptors at once. Sky Hunters teaches not only about the birds themselves, but how to kids need to respect all living creatures. Sky Hunters retells sad stories of birds injured or killed by children "just having some fun" with bee-bee guns and slingshots. Students are taught to never harm animals and to report anyone who does to the proper authorities.